New Generation Golf take pride in utilizing some of the most cutting edge technology available in the golf industry today.


The K-Vest system is three discrete sensors attached to the body, which measures how the body moves during the swing.

It helps any golfer move their body into the correct positions and helps create optimum power with the minimum effort. It achieves this by working with the body's movements in sequence, through the golf shot.

K-Vest is one of the best feedback tool in a coaches arsenal. When in "Bio=Feedback" mode, drills are personalised to guarantee the golfer feels the correct positions.

Gears 3D

Gears is a swing and body track system designed to measure and analyse every aspect of a golf swing in 3D.

It provides full club data (including impact location and clubhead speed), full body data (angle data on various important body parts) and allows you to compare two swings side by side.

Vist our 3D North West site here for more information

GaspLab 5

GaspLab 5 is state-of-the art video analysis software, allowing swings to be broken down into slow motion.

It also powers our online E-Book system. The online portal allows customers to have an electronic book containing videos, voice overs and notes from each lesson.


Boditrak is another pillar of golf instruction often overlooked. it tracks where the weight/pressure is in your feet, which helps to monitor weight transfer in the swing, setting up for different chip/pitch shots as well as assisting massively to maintain balance throughout the whole golf swing.


Powered by Foresight Sports, the GC2/HMT is the world's most accurate launch monitor trusted by an endless list of the world's best players, leading manufacturers as well as sky sports.

It provides accurate ball and clubhead data so there's no guesswork in our of our sessions to ensure there is no time wasted potentially wondering why the ball has done what its done. gc2/hmt is fully functional in our indoor or outdoor modes, we track every shot hit and directly measure exactly what your club does as it hits the ball.

Coaching becomes much more interactive with the ability to simulate course situations, accurately measure how far your clubs go as well as running skill tests to help monitor progress.